I thought it was about time I passed on some cake recipes for you to make your own Whipped Cake Co styled cakes at home. It’s one thing to post a spectacular cake design but we don’t often pay homage to the beautiful layers of cake underneath; and the layers are the most important part!… View Article

Jam Doughnuts

January 28, 2016

Jam Doughnuts. Need I say more? The first time I made these I thought to myself, “wow they aren’t that bad for you”, until I deep fried them and covered them in sugar. In my opinion though we all need to work on eating more balanced diets and this recipe has fruits and fats…you can’t… View Article

Tim Tam Truffles

January 27, 2016

When I was younger I remember biting the opposite ends off a Tim Tam and using it as a straw for my tea. Tim Tam’s were a novelty in our house but when they made their appearance it was a moment worth treasuring! Now I am a little older and wiser I have found a… View Article