Trifle is a staple at my family Christmas dinner; my aunty always making a traditional trifle with custard, swiss jam roll, jelly and peaches. YUM YUM! This year I have taken the traditional trifle and turned it into something so decadent and delicious you will be making this every year. Lucky I am typing this… View Article
Candy shards and chocolate art seem to be the big thing at the moment in the cake world. Mastering these beauties is easy and make the perfect decorations to spice up any plain iced buttercream cake!
This simple tip will have you lining the bottom of your cake tins in half the time! All you need is baking paper and scissors for perfect baking paper circles in less than a minute.
Vanilla Bean Buttercream is such a baking staple so it is essential to get it just right. 3 ingredients is all that you will need to make this crowd pleasing frosting, guaranteed to win everyone over!
Have you ever wondered how to evenly bake your cakes? How to make them rise evenly and avoid that dome effect? A baking paper cake tin collar is your answer!